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Fintech has redefined the rules of the game in financial services. Within few years Fintech has evolved from being “disruptive” to become a full stakeholder in the financial services landscape. In response, incumbents, such as banks and insurers, started to disrupt their own propositions and offer comparable fintech services, either through partnerships, acquisitions or inhouse development (EY, 2019). Fintech, today, is also host of other non-financial players such as Tech companies, retailers and even automakers who started offering insurance for their cars (Noticias Financieras, 2019). On the demand side, the adoption rate is on the rise as the 2019 Fintech global adoption rate is 64% while it was 16% in 2015 (EY 2019). Amid these changes, several novel and challenging questions arise that various academic disciplines can tackle.

Researchers, with different backgrounds, are encouraged to submit an extended abstract (about 500 words) representing empirical, methodological, and conceptual research, that focus on topics related to Fintech, Insurtech, Regtech, Digital Finance and Financial services’ innovation. New research proposals and research-in-progress are also considered. We also invite participants to submit proposals for symposia. In this format, a number of speakers discuss a common topic or theme in a manner that brings new insights to the subject. The purpose is to engage a group of panelists in an interactive discussion. Symposium proposals should include clear descriptions of the topics to be discussed and the procedures that will be used to manage the discussion among panelists and with the audience.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:




On-Demand Insurance

Digital Transformation & Finance

Fintech & Insurtech Business Models

Fintech Trends and Ecosystems

Open Banking

Banks & Fintech collaboration

Artificial Intelligence and Finance


Customer experience (CX)



Fintech adoption, use and impact

Financial Services Innovation


Digital Finance

Financial inclusion

Emerging Topics on Fintech & Insurtech


Big data, Business Analytics in finance

Data Integration

Case studies

Mobile Wallets & Payments

Digital Marketing and Financial Services


Important Dates

March 8, 2021 Deadline for submission

March 22, 2021 Authors notification

May 19 -20 FinteQC 2021 Conference


Submit to:

Scientific committee

Dimitrios Salampasis, Swinburne Business School, Australia.

Rachid Ghilal, UQAR, Canada

Saint-Yves Durand Samuel, UQAR, Canada

Hamid Nach, UQAR, Canada

Alexie Labouze-Nasica, UQAM, Canada

  • EY, (2019), Global FinTech Adoption Index 2019
  • Noticias Financieras, (2019). Tesla will offer insurance for its cars.